Explore and experience the luminous light of the Nordic summer at the coast of Norway, through aquarelle painting with Swedish artist Magdalena Brunzell

The Norwegian coastal museum Kystmuseet Norveg, invites participants to a week of water colour painting with the Swedish artist and illustrator Magdalena Brunzell. The artist spent 2 weeks here i 2016 where she explored the unique surroundings and captured the summer light of the north in her beautiful watercolors. A selection of these paintings was exhibited at Kystmuseet Norveg during the summer 2017. Take a closer look at Magdalenas work on her artist website.

Color painting course at Sør-Gjæslingan

The aquarelle course is postponed to (8th – 12th) August 2018 at the island of Sør-Gjæslingan along the coast of Namdal in North-Trøndelag. The island is a national treasure as one of the most historical fishing villages of the west coast of Norway. Located at the border to 64 degrees north, it offers spectacular views of the north sea during 20 hours luminous light in peaceful surroundings. Seagulls, porpoises and seals are in abundance here and adds to the lovely atmosphere of the environment, which consists of authentic wooden buildings and shore-houses. The heyday of the village with its picturesque architecture, reflects early 20th century Norwegian lifestyle of fishermen and their families. The island, now a museum in its entirety is open for visitors during the summer months. A boat takes you from the mainland to the harbor of the village in the span of 40 minutes. You will stay overnight in the charming and elegant directors house, which is very well preserved the way it was back in the old days. Modern facilities with showers and kitchen are of course upgraded to 21st century standards. There is a limited number of spaces available on the course, which takes place at Sør-Gjæslingan for just one week in 2018.

About the artist Magdalena Brunzell

The artist Magdalena Brunzell. Photo: Anne Grete Walaunet

During a fortnight in August 2016, artist Magdalena Brunzell stayed at Sør-Gjæslingan where she captured the magic light and stunning scenery of the area in her watercolours. Her lovely paintings was exhibited at the coastal museum Kystmuseet Norveg in June and July 2017. At home in the mountains of Sweden, Magdalena works as an artist and illustrator where she has spent the last 17 years as a painter and art teacher. She has organized workshops for all ages and abilities within a variety of techniques. Her work consists of exploring painting techniques with tempera, coal, acrylics and aquarelle. As a professional illustrator, she also explores mixed media and digital art. Wildlife and natural landscapes are her main inspirations and reoccurring themes. Visit the artist site here for more information about Magdalena’s art www.millustration.se

About the artist Ingeborg Prøis Bodzioch at Kunstmuseet Nord-Trøndelag


The watercolour painting course at Sør-Gjæslingan
This course is organized by Kystmuseet Norveg, Museet Midt IKS in cooperation with Kunstmuseet Nord-Trøndelag  The class is open to a limited number of participants. Magdalena will be accompanied by one of our museum educators to make sure all participants receive individual guidance as required, during the week. The course is open to 10 participants of all skill levels from beginners to advanced. Magdalena has taught watercolour painting for many years at all levels, from school children and beginners to more experienced or professional adults. Each participant will receive individual attention to the extent it may be useful or inspiring. The course will also consist of regular group gatherings in the Nakktun building on the island of Flatholm at Sør-Gjæslingan. Here we will meet for collective lessons and sharing inspiration. Other activities will consist of each artist finding their own way around the constellation of small islands to capture the amazing scenery of the area.

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How to get here

Arrival at Sør-Gjæslingan

Departure from Rørvik by fast boat Foldafjord, arriving Sør-Gjeslingan Wednesday evening at 6 pm. Installation in the guest quarters at the historical director’s house. Get acquainted with the other participants and the area, together with the host of the week who will provide an interesting tour of the location and practical information about your stay. Our watercolour artist and teacher Magdalena, will provide details of the course and plans for the next few days of experiences. You will be well informed and looked after until your departure back to the mainland Sunday at 2pm.

Cost and booking

Book your trip now to secure a place at this unique opportunity to experience the coastal landscape of Norway, through an artistic journey of watercolour painting this summer.

The price of 4400 NKR (equivalent to approximately 440 GBP/450 Euro/600 Dollars) includes watercolour painting course with 4 nights stay in the historical director’s house.

Please note that the course will require a minimum of 5 participants to run. Places are limited to 10. Registrations will be accepted until all places are filled, following the first come first served principle. In case of great interest in this course, a waiting list will be set up.

Bring your own paint, paper, material and equipment for the course. Food is prepared by participants on their own in the kitchen of the Director’s house, where all the course participants are staying. It is recommended that you make a packed lunch for al fresco breaks and painting outdoors.

More information

Please consult Anne Grete Walaunet, phone +47 48880023 for more information.

See also the virtual presentation of Sør-Gjæslingan and the video from the costal museum in Sør-Gjæslingan and in Rørvik.

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